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15 things I learned about London

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” – Samuel Johnson. He couldn’t have said it any better, London is really a city that emits life and energy in its each and every corner. I had the opportunity to visit London 10 times so far and with that in mind I thought about listing 15 things that I learned about this beautiful metropolitan city. I’m not going to talk about the obvious sites to visit such as Buckingham Palace or Madame Tussaud’s, I believe that by now most people will know these things! I’m going to talk about some other things that might not be obvious to everyone. Hope that you enjoy this!

1. Learn to walk, and walk fast! If you walk slower than 20mph you’ll be frowned upon. You need to keep walking and always keep to your lane. Learning to walk fast is a skill which might get you a long way in the capital city of England!

2. For the love of God, when it comes to escalators, KEEP RIGHT. The left hand lane is for those in a hurry and they will literally run you over if you take it easy while on the left hand lane.

3. London parks are marvellous! You’ll find beautiful parks every couple of miles and I urge you to enjoy them, you won’t find a more peaceful place in London.

4. The British are generally friendly, but in London everyone is busy. Don’t expect anyone to just stop and talk to you. They’re too busy to do that, unless there’s a pint involved.

5. The Tube is nothing like The (New York) Subway. The Subway is an experience where you’ll never know what you’re going to find next. It’s very common for a street perform to pop in the subway and starts to perform there and than, however The Tube is a totally different scenario. In The Tube you’re invisible, no one will talk to you and don’t even dare trying to struck up a conversation. It’s not done. Full stop!

6. Londoners love pubs, it’s one of the first things you’ll learn when you’re in London. Londoners love to go to go for a pint after work to socialise with their colleagues and friends. Cheers!

7. Gastro Pubs are the new thing in town. Elevated pubs that serve awesome food and even better cocktails. Definitely worth a try.

8. Although London is not famous for it’s weather, it does have a lot of sunlight in summer! The sun goes up around 5am and goes down around 10pm. Nice!

9. Did I mention that you have to walk a lot? Make sure to get comfortable shoes with you. They’re the single most important thing that you’ll utilise in your time in London.

10. Christmas time in London is magical. The Christmas markets, the shows, the Scrooge (A Christmas Carol) reenactments. It’s truly magic!

11. If you want to go to a live show, make sure to plan for it in advance. Tickets are rather expensive and you need to do your homework well to find a good priced show. Hint; the earlier shows tend to be cheaper!

12. You’ll never get lonely in London, it’s so crowded that you’ll always see thousands of people around you.

13. Rooftop bars are amazing, if you have time try to go to Madison near St. Paul’s Cathedral. The view is beautiful, the drinks are decently priced and the vibe is amazing!

14. Remember the song “London Bridge is falling down” … yeah, that’s not the bridge you’ll cross between the Big Ben and the London Eye. That will be the Westminister Bridge.

15. Football! No matter what time of the year you’re in London, you’ll always bound to find a good live football match to attend. With stadiums such as Wembley, The Emirates, Stamford Bridge and the Olympic Stadium, you can be sure that you’re going to find a good football match.