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The 5 Things You Should Do Immediately After Checking Into Your Hotel Room

Some of the below things we were told about them from others while some of them we got to experience them at first hand. When it comes to settling into your home away from home, a few simple tasks can greatly improve your stay and trust me, you will thank me for these tips 🙂

Do a safety check.

Whether you are traveling with a friend, a gaggle of kids, or solo, safety should be one of your top priorities. Here’s the good news: the vast majority of hotel staff members care about your safety, too. Your room is set up for your safety; all you need to do is double check to make sure the appropriate safety measures are in place.

Check to be sure you know how to use you door’s deadbolt lock, which you should always utilize when you turn in for the night! It would also be good if you make sure that the safe in your room is working so you can confidently store any items that are especially valuable.

If you are traveling solo, Adriana Smith, founder and blogger at Travepreneur, has a few additional safety suggestions you should follow before you get too comfortable in your room. “Inform the hotel staff that you’re traveling solo and are not expecting any guests. Call a family member or friend to let them know you’ve arrived safely. You can never be too cautious about your safety,” she says.

Inspect these commonly neglected areas.

The staff at most reputable hotels are trained to thoroughly clean every hotel room between guests. Still, there is no harm in checking that everything is in tip-top shape before you get too comfortable in your room.

Some areas of hotel rooms are more likely to be dirty than others. Walk through the room and the bathroom to ensure that they’ve been properly cleaned and that any trash cans have been emptied. Pull down the comforter and the sheets to make sure that there aren’t any surprises from previous guests, such as stray hairs or stains.

Although you probably won’t spend the majority of your time watching TV during your trip, make sure you disinfect the TV remote before your downtime. One investigation by Rossen Reports looked into the top hotel chains and found that the remotes were the dirtiest item in hotel rooms, making it a prime way to spread infectious diseases.”

Check for these annoying guests.

Always take advantage of the luggage rack kept in the closet of your room. This is the first step to protecting your belongings from potential bed bugs. These pests are likely to spread via personal items like suitcases and other belongings. If you’re traveling via public transportation like trains or planes, the likelihood that you could bring bed bugs to your hotel is greater. Keep your luggage away from your bed to avoid waking up to an infestation!

Bed bugs have unique characteristics that make it easier to spot them in a hotel room. They leave behind red stains on bed sheets, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, either from being crushed or from leaving behind excrement. These bugs are small and reddish brown and prefer to hide in dark places during the day, like the space between your mattress and headboard, cracks in furniture, or in the baseboards of the walls.

Prepare for your stay and get to know your room

If you plan to hit the ground running first thing in the morning, Try ordering your breakfast the night before by using your hotel’s express breakfast menu. This will allow you to get your day started quickly so you can maximize your productivity. Next, get familiar with your room. You don’t want to find yourself lost in the dark in the middle of the night. You don’t want to hit your toe do you!?

Figure out where the light switches are before you go to bed, as well as the layout of the room. Sounds silly, but if you travel a lot, it’s easy to wake up in the middle of the night and forget what the room layout is.

While you’re at it, take inventory of your room. I suggest that you ask for any additional items, like an extra pillow or blanket, right after check in instead of waiting until you’ve returned from a busy night out. In the same vein, it’s also suggested that you double check the alarm clocks in your room to be certain they’re not still set from the previous guests’ stay. You don’t want to wake up at 4am!

While you’re at it, I also recommend checking with the concierge to see if the hotel offers any discounts or deals at nearby attractions or restaurants. I have found more hotels are offering these deals in the past few years

Speak up!

Most guests would wait to share that there were problems with their rooms until they were leaving. If you’re unhappy with your room, speak up! This will allow the staff members to address the problem and fix it right away.

Throughout the hotel industry, staff members are coached to empathize with guests and understand their concerns, complaints, and issues. The hotel will always prefer to deal with an issue immediately rather than leave it to escalate into a full blown complaint that might potentially hurt their reputation.

BONUS!!!!!  Never, ever, ever use the Ice Bucket!

I read many stories and blog posts online about people warning fellow travellers off using the Ice Bucket. Apparently it’s commonly used by rowdy travellers after a heavy night out of drinking. You never know how much body fluid ended up in that ice bucket! Be safe and if you want ice, ask the receptionist for a plastic bag of ice.