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7 Destinations with Red Sand Beaches

We are accustomed to white or golden sand, like the sun, but these destinations with red sand beaches also have their own charms.

Usually, the beaches are white, golden and we even know some dark sand, like in Funchal, Madeira. But we want to show you 7 destinations with red sand beaches, reminiscent of cinematic landscapes, unrealistic, but very real and worthy of a visit.

The red-sand beaches are characterised by the existence of large amounts of iron nearby, on land or deposited in depth over years, due to volcanic activity. Some of these red sand beaches are surrounded by stunning landscapes, such as the dramatic carmine cliffs, giving them an even more impressive look.

7 Red Sand Beaches To See!

No, it did not reach planet Mars. We continue with our feet well settled on Earth and the look dazzled with these landscapes of red sand beaches.


At Kauiki Head on the island of Maui, there is Kaihalulu Beach, a stretch of secluded and remote sand, where you can experience some of the reddest sand in the world in a breathtaking setting. The high iron content in the surrounding area has led to the deep shade of this beach and there is no danger in its use. Only the use of appropriate footwear is recommended.


Thanks to the iron rich soils, there are more than 800 kilometers of coastline painted red in this Canadian province that belongs to the English royal family. From the sands to the surrounding cliffs, the dark red sand is what you will most see.


“There was a peach tree on the island” and there is also red sand in Porto Covo. This small fishing village in the Alentejo region has a shade of charred orange hue that becomes even more vibrant as the sun sets off for another day and enters the Atlantic.


On the beach of Kokkini, in the famous holiday region of Santorini, the almost vertical volcanic cliffs seem to plunge directly into the Mediterranean and its red colour contrasts even more with the turquoise waters, giving an almost unreal appearance, as if from a treat Only there you will arrive by boat or after a short (and a bit dangerous) walk through the cliffs.


Ramla Bay lies on the north coast of Gozo, the sister Island of Malta, and stands out for the colourful, burnt and orange coloured beach, which gains more opulence as opposed to the electric blue sea.


Porto Ferro, on the western coast of Sardinia, is a seductive sight in orange tones. The name is very appropriate and fully justifies its colour, since it has abundant iron particles in the sand that mix with limestone, pieces of bright coral and volcanic residues. It is a place of unusual appearance and one of the most beautiful destinations of beaches with red sand.


The Galapagos are a remote destination best known for incredible endemic animal species and striking landscapes. What he does not know is that there is an island called Rabida, whose backs are lined with large red volcanic stones, as well as scented trees and numerous ponds.

Unlikely and rare destinations on lists of paradisiacal destinations, but as soon as your eyes meet the natural beauty of these red sand beaches, all doubts will be dispelled.

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