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8 reasons why I love New York City.

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of! Definitely, most positively, my favourite city on this planet. I’m lucky enough to have had the opportunity to visit London, Milan, Paris, Tokyo and Los Angeles. However none of those cities can outdo the love I have for the City that Never Sleeps.

Each time Tiffany and I are heading west of the Atlantic, the first thing I’ll check is if its possible to visit this man-made mega city. Hopefully I can step foot on it very soon. Due to my love for New York I decided to try and list a few reasons why I love this city Obviously the list is not a conclusive one so you can expect another similar list sometime in the future. So without any particular preference, here’s why I love New York City!

The vibe – As soon as you take your first walk through the streets of New York and look up, you feel that special energy inside you. It’s very difficult to articulate it, however it’s something that have to be experienced to know exactly what it feels. I can honestly say that the first time I walked in New York I felt all my knowledge about this city making sense. For the first time I could relate to Kevin McCallister when he was lost in New York during Home Alone 2. I could also understand better another Christmas classic, the Miracle on 34th Street. Being in New York gave me a warmth inside that made me happy, something that I longed for since the day I left this mesmerising city.

Broadway Theatre – Up until the very moment I was entering the theatre in which I watched my first ever Broadway show, The Phantom of the Opera, I was under the impression that Broadway Theatre is actually 1 theatre with multiple halls, all in the same building. Apparently I was mistaken! Unlike common belief, Broadway, refers to the theatrical performances presented in the 41 professional theatres with 500 or more seats located in the Theater District and Lincoln Center along Broadway, in Midtown Manhattan. The magic on Broadway is to such a high level that you will be spoilt for choice in the amount of great shows that are playing. Similar to London’s West End, cheap tickets are very difficult to find so I suggest you do your homework well if you want to find something worth

Multiculturalism – As you well know, the US is a relatively young country. There’s no such thing as a 100% American, an American person is someone with a mixed background that fuses together their cultures. Thanks to this fusion, New York is the result of many decades of hard work by different cultures thus in New York you’ll find different neighbourhoods that actually resembles like a little piece of a different country. Within walking distance you can walk from China Town, to Little Italy to Korea Town. These neighbourhoods enrich the Manhattan population and offer it a different vibe when compared to any other city in the world.

Diversity – From the wealthy Upper East Siders to those scraping by with a startup and a dream, New York has a bit of everything. This doesn’t apply to just money, it applies to race, religion, sexual orientation and political affiliation. No matter who you are or what interests you, you can find like-minded people in New York.

Parks – New York is a  concrete jungle, but there are respites everywhere. From large parks such as Central Park and Prospect Park, to smaller parks like Madison Square, you can always find a peaceful place to call your own.

It Never Sleeps… – Well, it’s NYC’s favourite nickname, the City That Never Sleeps, and true to its name. It never does! The city is operational 24/7. I love observing the locals, culture and fashion, but let’s face it, I also love to go out in the evening. I love that I don’t have to watch the clock, that I can find a good restaurant open at 3am and that I can still take the subway to my hotel at 5am.

Transport – You can’t drive in NYC, it will be silly if you dare driving in this city. Due to that nearly everyone uses the subway or taxis. Subways are very affordable and extremely well connected. Manhattan’s subway can get you from point A to point B in no time and you’ve got a guarantee that no matter what, they’re always on time.

Shopping – Everyone knows that you can find all brands in NYC, I’ve been told about this before I went and I confirmed it when I got my credit card bill! All the world’s top brands can be found in this gem of a city. My wife Tiffany confirms this each and every time we visit 5th Avenue, with the mandatory stop at Tiffany & Co’s Fifth Avenue store.

As you can see, in this post I didn’t discuss sights & stores (apart form Tiffany’s but I’m excused), however I discussed more generic subjects. With this, I promise you that sometime in the near future I will write more about my favourite city, New York.