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9 Spots in Samoa You Must See for Yourself

Samoa is a small piece of paradise hidden far out in the Pacific Ocean. Unlike the popular Fiji, this small tropical island won’t have tourist traps, giant crowds, or pestoring vendors. No, Samoa is a quiet, peaceful, and community focused island. I found it hard to believe how much this small island has to offer. These 9 photos are sure to convince you to add Samoa to your bucket list this year.

1. Sopo’aga Falls

Only 5 WST entrance fee, Sopo’aga Falls is a short walk from the parking lot. The view point offers a full view of the falls. Surrounding it is endless thick lush green jungle. Behind the fence, from the viewpoint is a trail leading down. I wouldn’t follow it, as you may anger the locals.

2. Sunset from the Sheraton in Fuailalo

After returning from a full day on Sava’ii, head over to the Sheraton for some dinner, and watch as the sun sets. Being on the tip of the east coast, you are in the hot spot for sunset watching.

3. Roadtrip Views Eastern Samoa

Take a day trip down the path less driven and find some of Samoas hidden gems. That is how we found this beauty. We stumbled upon it after we decided to take a different road back to our Fales (outdoor sleeping nooks).

4. Aqua Blue Waters of Lalomanu Beach

Let us be real, any beach you pull up to will have aqua blue waters. Be aware, as beautiful as the waters are, most swimming areas have undercurrents that can be lethal. Be sure to ask the locals which areas to be wary of.

5. Sunset in Salamumu

We only had a few good sunsets. The sunsets we did have, were spectacles. Be sure to look at the night sky after the sun has set. The lack of light pollution allows for a magnificent display.

6. Fuipisia Waterfall

Costing slightly more than Sopo’aga Falls, at 10 WST, you will follow the owner through a muddy path to reach Fuipisia Falls lookout. Don’t worry about getting muddy feet. The owners will wash them for you once back at the parking lot.

7. Coast Walks In Apolima-uta

This was a pleasant surprise. Near the ferry to Sava’ii is Apolima-uta, it’s coast is lined with endless baby blue waters, making it hard to drive, and take in the views. I recommend parking, then walking along the coast taking your time to enjoy the (literally) endless beauty.

8. Beach Walk

Any beach will do. Drive up, get out, and walk.

9. Swim in the To-Sua Trench

Last but not least least, climb down the ladder and swim in the To-Sua Trench. Take a day here to see the area a get a few swims in. The trench is affected by the tide, there will be more water in the trench during the afternoon than the morning. Oh, and don’t forget to bring 20 WST for the entrance fee.

Samoa is may be small, but there is tons to see. I guarantee Samoa will not disappoint. Make to add it to your 2018 bucket list.

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