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Cyprus: The ancient island of Aphrodite – Part Two!

Earlier last week I wrote about our experience in beautiful Cyprus, more exactly our experience in Ayia Napa. Ayia Napa in my own books remain one of the most energetic and amazing places to visit in the Mediterranean if you’re looking for a good, party time! However with that being said, Cyprus isn’t just renowned for it’s party life, the year after (in 2015) we visited Ayia Napa in summer Tiffany & I visited Cyprus once again but this time in March.

We opted to venture on the west of the Island and stayed in Pissouri. Pissouri is a relatively small village with a total permanent population of around 1100 people, about half of whom are Cypriots, the rest foreigners.

We stayed in a small villa on a hill very close to the seafront, in fact you could drive down to the beach in around 10 minutes. The small villa was rented out from AirBNB. For those that doesn’t know what AirBNB is I wholeheartedly suggest that you do some research about it! Trust me, you’ll save a lot of money and you’ll also discover some amazing places that you simply can’t find if you book hotels.

One of the experience we enjoyed together when we were in Pissouri was a visit at the Camel Park in Mazotos. Mazotos is approximately just over an hour away from Pissouri and it can also be reached from the Ayia Napa within an hour as well. Practically it’s in the middle of both cities on the coast. At Mazotos we visited the Camel Park and apart from getting the oportunity on riding a camel one can also tour the site and see some other animals such as ostriches etc. All in all we got to spend an hour in the Mazatos Camel Park and it was a well worth it visit!

This is one of our favourite photos in Pissouri! Actually this photo was taken from the Pissouri Tourist View Point. As you can see behind us, all you can see is beautiful greenery and never ending fields.

Pissouri is surely a city that is ideal for quiet and relaxing visits and it’s somewhere where both Tiffany and I vouched to return some day very soon 🙂

In regards to our favourite subject apart from traveling, FOOD; in Pissouri we visited a Sushi restaurant which was in Limassol called Oshi which was only a 40 minute drive away from Pissouri. This restaurant had something cool where in order to order you had to navigate through its interactive table! The table is actually a touch screen and you can order whatever you want by just selecting the items on it.

This is a photo that we took of the Sushi Sashimi! Beautiful ey!? 

All in all, as we said in the previous Cyprus blog we believe that Cyprus is a beautiful country and it got so much to offer! Pissouri is one of those cities that you can never get tired of. Just make sure that you have a good book by your side and you can stay all day long lazying around on the pool or else take a lovely drive through its scenic roads and enjoy the beautiful views!

Dear Pissouri…. we shall see you soon!

Have a lovely day!

Alan & Tiffany