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Cyprus: The ancient island of Aphrodite

One of the first countries that Tiffany & I visited was the beautiful island of Cyprus. Cyprus, known as the ancient island of Aphrodite is by far one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean….. almost as beautiful as Malta 🙂

To date we went to Cyprus twice and stayed in opposite areas in Cyprus so I’m going to split this blog in two parts and give you my personal review on this beautiful Island. The first time we went to Cyprus was in August 2014, just a month after we started dating. We loved this island so much that we went once again in March 2015.

The first time we stayed in Ayia Napa and the second time we went we stayed in Pissouri. Ayia Napa is highlighted in A on the map on the right and Pissouri highlighted in B. It’s also good to highlight that Cyprus is one of my favourite countries to visit. So far I have been to Cyprus a total of five times and given the option I will surely go back anytime the opportunities arises. This first part of this blog I will focus on Ayia Napa and later on we’ll do a blog focusing on Pissouri.

Ayia Napa

For those that have visited Cyprus in summer knows that Ayia Napa is a very well renowned for its partying scene. Ayia Napa has a couple of beaches which during the day are always filled with youths sunbathing, swimming and enjoying the various water sports. These beaches, mainly Nissi Beach, Landa Beach and Makronissos Beach are some of the most popular beaches you can find in Ayia Napa. They’re all within walking distance of each other so if you don’t fancy one of them, you can easily walk to the next.

The party scene in Ayia Napa starts to heat up in the early evening around 7pm and will continue going on full blast till at least 6am. There is one particular street in Ayia Napa called Louka Louka that is the place where everyone wants to be! In this street you’ll find one club after another and most of them are themed in a particular way that will create its own identity. For more information on Ayia Napa’s clubs I suggest that you click here and you will get an excellent guide!

When we where in Ayia Napa we visited a small town which is called Protaras. Protaras is only a 20 minute drive away from Ayia Napa so it’s not difficult to get to it. In this lovely little town there is a place called Magic Dancing Waters Show and they have a daily show that combines fire, lasers and a dancing fountain. It’s definitely a personal favourite and I urge everyone to go and enjoy it.

Apart from the sun, beach and party life, Ayia Napa can also give you the opportunity to enjoy some good food. Two restaurants in particular that we really enjoyed in Ayia Napa were Sage Restaurant and Hokkaido Restaurant.

Sage Restaurant was one of the finest restaurants we enjoyed in Ayia Napa, it is a culinary gem and specialises in fine dining, Although quite on the expensive side I urge everyone to try it at least once if you get to visit Ayia Napa!
On the other hand Hokkaido is a sushi restaurant! As we said in the welcome blog both Tiffany and I love sushi food and we try our best to visit a sushi restaurant each time we visit a different city.

At Hokkaido it was the first time that I got to see a teppanyaki grill. This is a fantastic experience where the chef cooks the food in front of the diners on a grill. The diners will sit around the grill in a square-like formation and enjoy the show.

A rather strange thing that they do at Hokkaido is that when someone celebrates his/her birthday, all the employees gather around the teppanyaki grill and starts singing a rather strange ‘Happy Birthday’ song. Check the video here, I’m sure that many Maltese people will find it similar to something else 🙂

Another amazing thing that we did in Ayia Napa was the infamous Fantasy Boat Party. This boat party is very popular in Ayia Napa and we really enjoyed it! The atmosphere on this boat party was electrifying and it was so much fun. Half way through the boat party we stopped a few miles away from Ayia Napa and everyone spent a few hours swimming in the beautiful Cypriot sea. This was surely one of the best experiences we had in Cyprus and definitely not to be missed!

That’s it for my review of Ayia Napa, next up will be our review for the beautiful and quiet city of Pissouri.

I hope that you enjoyed it 🙂

Much love,


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