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Elstead, a little piece of haven in Surrey

Elstead is a semi-rural civil parish in Surrey. It’s a beautiful piece of haven in Surrey surrounded with shops, houses and cottages spanning the north and south sides of the River Wey; development is concentrated on two roads that meet at a central green.

This lovely little village includes Pot Common, its southern neighbourhood. Hamlets in the parish, marginally separated from the village centre, are Charleshill and Elstead Common, both rich in woodland. Elstead lies between Farnham and Godalming on the B3001 road about 2.2 miles (3.6 km) west of the A3 Milford interchange.

Elstead is mostly famous for it’s detached large houses. With no less than 28% of all accommodation made up for detached houses.

We’ve been in this lovely village since last Sunday and we’re going to be here till the end of November. So far we’ve managed to enjoy the lovely beautiful woodlands of the Hankley Common. The stupendous views of this large natural park is truly breathtaking. Coming form a tiny island such as Malta, I’ve never had the opportunity of walking miles and miles into such open spaces.

We shall keep you posted with various pictures and videos of this lovely village 🙂

Elstead Moat #uktour #elstead #elsteadmoat

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