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Hi Ohio! – Living in Columbus, Ohio for a week

This week we continued our road-trip in the United States. We left the beautiful state of Tennessee and drove all the way from Nashville to Columbus in Ohio. That’s a lovely 6 hour drive which in fact we did it in 8 hours due to lunch and some other coffee & restroom stops.

When we left Tennessee the temperature was already dropping. In fact on our last night in Nashville it was snowing. Ohio then, it was covered in a lovely white sheet of snow. It kept snowing on and off for a few days however over the last two days it was slightly warmer. Still a coat/muffler kind of weather and noting that we’re used to in our warm Malta, however much more tolerable.

For our week in Ohio we opted to stay in Columbus. A popular city, yet something which isn’t really popular for tourists, at least definitely not for European tourists. We stayed in a lovely two bedroom house in the German village area of Columbus and had the opportunity to take care of two lovely pets. A beautiful Golden Retriever called Benz and a cat called Hugh.

This area of Columbus is definitely much better than I ever expected it to be! The German Village is filled with cafes and restaurants that can certainly intrigue any tastebuds. We tried two that are definitely very good! One of them is called Schmidt’s Sausage Haus (Yep, the sausage gets its own house here in Columbus!) and the other is called The Old Mohawk. Both of them being just a five minute walk from each other.

The Old Mohawk’s is a typical American Diner. So once you’re there you should expect the traditional American customer service with a smile that we’re used to, free drink refills (I still can’t get used to this! I love it) and big portions cooked to perfection!

Their food is literally to die for! They also had Deep Fried Avocado. Yes, that’s avocado, which is like the best vegetable ever and it’s deep fried. Everything tastes awesome when it’s deep fried let alone if it’s avocado

The other restaurant which we totally loved was the Schmidt’s Sausage Haus. We went for their Sunday lunch buffet which for $16 per person was really worth it. One word of advice though, only do it if you love sausage because their Autobahn Buffet (Yeah, I have no idea why they called it after a motorway!) is based solely on different type of sausages. Yet, if you do love sausage, then this is your place to be. The food was impeccable and we finished it off with the creamiest dessert ever. Their world famous Cream Puff. I actually feel sorry for trying that because now, for the rest of my life each time I try something sweet I’m going to shed a sorry tear because no matter what, it will never come close to this.

I mean, it’s a plate filled with sausages, potatoes and bacon finished of with the best dessert ever. How can you not like it!?

Columbus wasn’t just about good food though. We also got to enjoy a bit of sightseeing and very close to where we were living there was a lovely park called Schiller Park. Definitely Benz’s favourite as he loves to run and chase squirrels in this park!

Tomorrow morning we bid farewell to Columbus. A city which I plan on visiting again for sure (if anything to say hello to my new buddy Benz and another Cream Puff!). After Columbus we’ll be heading further north for another 5 hours drive to Niagara in New York. The obvious reason being to visit the world famous Niagara Falls.