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New Offline GPS Travel Tracker App, Journey Driven, Offering Free Early Access Downloads

Journey driven is an offline GPS Travel Tracker App that uses your phone as an automatic GPS, allowing friends and family to view your traveled path, current location, geo-tagged photos, and travel stats. It uses zero data, has full privacy control & helps keep your phone out of the picture.

Traveling is all about embracing the moment. Celebrating an adventurous spirit can be difficult when having to mess with your phone to document the experience and keep loved ones updated.  Offline Travel Tracker App Journey Driven is set to solve those problems completely.

“The concept is to make documenting and sharing your travels automatic and effortless, so you disconnect and get lost in the moment.”  – Steven Fortunato, founder.

It’s broadly agreed that traveling is one of life’s greatest ways to broaden our horizons and expand our minds.  It’s also something travelers love to document and share with friends and loved ones.  Formerly something of an inconvenience to do, the eye-opening new travel app is set to change all of that for the better.  Turning a smartphone into a true GPS device that maps out and documents all of its user’s stops and automatically sends updates to the people they choose, the excitement surrounding the app is high.  The company recently announced Journey Driven is gathering early adopters for afree download, with the release planned for March 2018.

“The goal of the app is to help fuel a connection to the people and places you discover; to create a deeper understanding of the world we live in and inspire others with your story,” says founder Steven Fortunato.  “Journey Driven is inspired by the unknown and the power of a curious and open mind.”

According to the company, Journey Driven sets itself apart from other travel apps by not just being a way to automatically track, document and share a user’s travels, but because it has the ability to work offline without using any data.  This makes the app a powerful and useful companion in many more situations than those that require an internet connection to be fully operational, as displayed in their recent promo video on YouTube.

A top concern of Journey Driven is protecting user’s privacy and every effort is made to safe guard it’s use in this area.  The app can be set to private-mode so friends, family and other app users need to be invited to have access.  This grants each user control of who gets to see where and when they’ve traveled, rather than the information being available for anyone to see.

Early feedback for Journey Driven has been very positive across the board, from pre-release beta testers.

“The Journey Driven beta is already such a useful tool! Especially for my family and friends who are really interested, and sometimes worried about where I am, where I’ve been and what I have been up to,” commented beta-tester Drew Sullivan.

Journey Driven will be available for download on both Android and iPhone this March. For more information and to claim your early adopter free download, be sure to visit

About Journey Driven

Journey Driven was founded by Steven Fortunato after a year and half adventure around the world and was later joined by Erika Angel. The pair met in a hostel in Vietnam in August 2016. The idea was later born on day 23 of and month-long motorbike trip from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi. Together the pair has explored over 30 countries and loves to encourage others to travel as much as possible.