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Our Travel Bucket List!

Whenever we’re about to go on a trip, I (Tiffany) seem to take the planning and booking role whilst Alan takes over my other work and searches for great restaurants recommendations online. So it’s safe to say that we tend to go wherever I choose to book which is normally the flights that catches my eye on skyscanner (I’m absolutely in love with their ‘Everywhere’ option as a destination).

So a while back I asked Alan to name 5 places he’d love to visit one day and why. Sort of like a mini bucket-list and to my surprise, they were mostly different than mine. One ended up being the same as mine, but the others are completely different and this information excites me a little as it would mean that we have 9 diverse countries which we need to explore – and soon!

Here’s my list!

5: Australia – I was actually surprised that this didn’t make it to Alan’s list as he’s always telling me to go to Australia, and I always seem to find a more enticing place, or a better deal for another destination. But yet, it’s my number 5 as although I do want to go someday, it’s not on top of my bucket list!

4: Egypt – A stone throw away from our home in the Mediterranean. I have always been fascinated with the history as a country, even a simple movie about Egypt gets me excited. I was planning to go a few years back, right about the time the Arab Spring started and back then I decided on another country instead. However the desire to be in such a glorious country is still there.

3: Mexico – You guys already know how I fell in love with San Diego, what you probably don’t know if that the area which attracted me the most is Old Town. This area just oozes Mexican tradition, and ever since then I’ve wanted to explore this nation even more. I could probably just spend months seeing murals from Diego Rivera, but who are we kidding here? I don’t just wanna go for the art, I want to go for the food, the people, the sights, the beaches, the history, and for some salsa dancing!

2: Cuba – This is our only joint answer to this question. Cuba has fascinated me ever since I could remember. The history, the sights, the cars, the streets, the people, the beaches, the food – it all fascinated me and I just want to explore this island for as long as I can. I’m happy that this was a country which Alan also chose, that means only 1 thing… skyscanner tab already open 🙂

1: Belize –  A good few years ago I’ve never even heard about Belize. I was watching TV and an episode of House Hunters International came on, I loved that show! This couple wanted to relocate to Belize, and so the show host took them to see different houses in Belize. Wow!! After the show I just wanted to know more so online I went but a few months later I seem to have forgotten all about it. Then a few years ago when I went to the Key West, whilst on a snorkelling trip, our host asked if we know the 2 biggest Barrier Reef in the world. Obviously everyone knew about the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and then I said, and the other one is in Belize! And that fire stroke again. I could spend months in this country, all I wanna do is explore it, and live like a local!

And these are Alan’s top 5!

5: Rome, Italy – The history, the art, the culture, and most of all, the Vatican City. Alan visited Rome when he was 14, but he didn’t see much. I visited Rome for 1 night en-route to Latvia over a decade ago, and so I do want to explore this city more. So ladies and gentlemen… you don’t have to wait that long for blogs about Rome as we’re ticking this great city off Alan’s bucket list in November this year.

4: Nairobi, Kenya –  I must admit that this came to a surprise to me, mainly cause I’ve never heard Alan say that he wants to explore Africa, but yet here we are. He wants to experience this whole new world and would love to visit the heart of Africa. A lot of people describe Nairobi as Kenya’s beating heart with so much history and wildlife around to pleases all eyes.

3: Seoul, Korea – Having been to Tokyo and Beijing (and already booked an upcoming trip to Ho Chi Minh, Manila and Singapore), this seems to be the next most important, most technologically advanced big city in the far east, and Alan is all about big cities. Seoul is a city where modern culture, advanced technology and skyscrapers meets street markets and Buddhist Temples. It’s the worlds fusion where the east meets the west.

2: Havana, Cuba – Pretty much for the same reasons I want to visit (listed above) plus the cigars of course. His testosterone dictates that he must try them.

1: Santiago, Chile- Growing up, Alan was an Altar boy for many years in his picturesque hometown of Msida (Malta). His fondest memories of those times always include Fr. Henry, a priest who was stationed in Msida in those days. When we set a date for our wedding, we were about to ask Fr. Henry to be our officiant, however he was relocated to Santiago to continue working with the community there. Ever since then, Alan has always wanted to visit him in Santiago. Apart from that, he always says that he wants to walk the edge of the world!

Fun fact: Whilst writing this article I noticed one thing that stood out the most to me. That is that while Alan tends to choose Cities, I tend to choose whole countries. Hmm… does that make us look for different things when we’re exploring a country? Who knows!

Have a lovely day!