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Work With Us

At Married with Passports we work with destinations and brands to create native advertising. That means authentic editorial and video content that fits within the look and feel of this site and your product/service and that captures a unique story. At the same time together with having links to your site and social media pages.

We especially love working with brands that love social media. Working together on a campaign that incorporates blog posts and social media updates during and after a press trip provides really great reach and gets more people exposed to your destination or company.

Partnership Opportunities:
FAM/Press trips:

Tourism boards and DMC’s can invite us to their country/region for a pre-agreed number of blog posts, social media posts, pictures shared on the different medias, etc.  We can even write articles for you to share even months before we leave your country.  This is the best marketing tool out there for travel destinations, as we’ll be writing about our own personal experience within your region.

Brand Ambassadors:

If you have a travel related product/service and we believe in it, we’d love to be the face of your product.  We can write articles, link our page to your selling page, post reviews, pictures, and feature your brand either for an agreed amount of time. This is a great way to market those hard to reach demographics. Especially of a young millennial who has the resources and the will to travel and might just be looking for a product like yours.


We review travel apps, travel gadgets, travel accessories, hotels, holiday lets, guesthouses, airlines, airport lounges, restaurants, wines, travel agencies, tours and tour operators. You name it, and we can do it! Here at Married With Passports we are also open to reviewing anything that has to do with travel, food and politics.  We work together with companies and we do not accept payment for these reviews, what we ask is to test out what you’re offering.

Sponsored posts:

Sponsored posts go directly in front of our audience, not only on the site but also through social media promotions also.


We are both available for speaking assignments at conferences for your company or your event. Apart from that we also work with a pool of other speakers, all with great expertise in their field to bring you a more complete package to what you’re looking for. Our speakers offer added value, provide useful information and case studies. They also inspire as well as engage with their audience. We mainly focus on doing business online and internationally, but do speak to us if you have any specific topic you wish to cover and we’ll let you know if we have anyone available in that area.

Guest accommodation booking administrators:

This is what sets us apart from the rest the most. With our extensive experience in the industry, we can market your hospitality site (hotel, motel, hostel, guesthouse, apartment, villa, etc) on various booking engines.  We will visit your site, take our own photographs, experience your area and what it has to offer, and let us do our magic.  We’ll market your site on various booking engines, answer guest queries, pass on any comments from guests (both the good and the bad), generate reports, send guests welcome packs which we’ll generate for your property before going live. All you have to do is welcome your guests when they arrive! This elevates a lot of the work done in-house before the guests actually book, and it won’t cost you more.

Contests and giveaway competitions:

We sometimes run contests and giveaways on our social media platforms.  This is always linked with our very own review of what you’re offering.  Once this is done it is a great way to introduce new clients to your product/service. This is also great to drive traffic to both yours and our page, and make them happy by giving some of them a chance to test it out for free.  This normally continues as a chain as we find most likely the winners tends to use your product/service again after the first win. They will do so while also bringing along their friends and family with them. Win-Win-Win for everybody.

If you would like to contact us to discuss any of the above please feel free to get in touch by clicking here!