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Dickens of a Christmas in Franklin Tennessee

Yesterday was the most beautiful day of our US trip so far… by a mile! We started the day off by waking up slightly later then usual in frost cold Nashville, Tennessee. Since it was a Saturday we decided to head out for a lovely breakfast at IHOP (that’s the International House of Pancakes) and after that Tiffany told me that we’re going to a lovely town called Franklin which is a short 35 minute drive away.

When we arrived in Franklin we were surprised that there was a lovely Christmas Market going on all themed in the Dickinson’s era. In fact they called it Dickens of a Christmas. The way it was set up is that they closed off the main 3 streets of this lovely town and they had stalls all along the street selling Christmassy stuff. From ponzetti’s to hot coco, to Christmas ornaments, to lovely pieces of woodwork.

All this was done with such dedication and attention to detail that they made it all look amazing. I’ve been to many Christmas Markets in my time, however this is surely one of my favourites. Obviously while we were there we couldn’t help ourselves to take some lovely photos too 🙂

What we loved most about this Christmas Market was that they went into so much detail that even some the vendors wore their 1800’s costumes. This added to the attention to detail and also helped to add to the lovely spirit of the whole occasion.

Definitely an experience that made the day so beautiful 🙂 … this is what Christmas should be like!